Wednesday, October 17, 2018

2017 Round-Up [I'm a MAJOR slacker]

This time of year, is the anniversary of my "blog"...but as you can tell I've been officially M.I.A.

I lost my job in Feb. 2017 and then found a job with a crazy commute that I'm not necessarily used to. In short, if you'll see anything from me, it'll be on Instagram! 

I finally created a separate style page! handpickedstyle_nia

 I may be writing to myself on this one. But, I've collected some photos to show you guys. It's just to show ya'll I'm still here.


Saturday, April 15, 2017

[blush] + white

A couple of weeks ago I was playing around and put these pieces together. A couple of months ago, I snagged this dress for $10 at H&M. I recently got this ruffle sleeve shirt from Target. And if you follow my Instagram, you know that I just got this awesome statement necklace from Walmart.

I was like all the pieces just fell together and a lightbulb came on! So why not do a post?

Someone on my Instagram post said "I would've never thought to put these pieces together!" 

I guess that's a gift...once I really established my own style, I've always been a person to layer pieces and put a spin on things.

How do you guys approach outfits? 

I may be talking to myself but comment below! I want to hear your thoughts.


Talk to me?? What do you think?

Hand-Picked Items: 

Blush spaghetti strap dress - H&M
Ruffle Sleeve Tee -
Statement Necklace - WalMart
Bangles - Goodwill/Forever 21
 Clutch - TJMaxx
Silver Metallic  - Nine West

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Theodora Cape Cardigan + African Print Scarf

Anybody that knows me, they know that this scarf is ALL ME. 

With the weather being so back and forth, this cape is a good happy-medium for this decisive weather.

I had to put on MAC Ruby Roo to match!

Talk to me?? What do you think?

Hand-Picked Items: 

MAC Ruby Roo Lippie
Theodora Cape Cardigan -
White V-Neck Tshirt - Target
Necklace - Bloomingdale's
Scarf - Kudzu Antique Market
Black Pencil Skirt - JC Penny
Ring- Goodwill
Bangles - Goodwill
 Clutch - Goodwill
Sam Edelman Pumps - TJMaxx

Saturday, March 4, 2017


Hey Hey Hey! Here's another little black dress from I got three solid pieces that I'll wear in my wardrobe for a good while. 

I recently got this necklace from Walmart the other day for $7!!! Come through Walmart!!!

I love that this dress is super comfy and perfect for the weather that tends to be a bit indecisive these days. The quality of this material is awesome also.

Normally with bodycon dresses, they tend to be a little sheer or thin but this one is just right.


I didn't want to style this dress with too many things. Sometimes keeping it simple and classic is the ways to go.

Talk to me?? What do you think?

Hand-Picked Items: 

Grand Entrance Black Bodycon Dress -
Statement Necklace - Walmart
Earrings - WalMart
Bangles - Forever 21/Goodwill
Clutch - Goodwill
Sam Edelman Black Pumps - TJMaxx