Monday, July 9, 2012

[thrifting] and [food]

this is what my weekend consisted of...
 ^^ this burger was SO GOOD at Three Dollar Cafe ^^

^^ I haven't had pancakes in a good other place to go but The Original Pancake House ^^
  ^^ the whipped cream is EVERYTHING ^^

 I went to a Goodwill I haven't been to before in Sandy Springs...I have to go back because there was an over abundance. lol

^^ I was so brokenhearted that this skirt wasn't in my size. ^^

^^ ughhh...this vintage dress was a dream come true (it was so...Claire Huxtable)...but too small ^^
 ^^ I don't know if you can see it but there's this little separated flap where the shoulder is...but this gave the illusion as if you had shoulder pads on. It's all about the little details. ^^
^^ new leopard belt ^^

^^ new shorts...loved this pattern! ^^

^^ here's a close-up ^^
^^ pumpkin color vintage Liz Claiborne Shorts! ^^

^^ Zara Hounds tooth Blouse! ^^

 ^^ I also stopped by thrift store and ironic ^^

^^ they don't look that awesome but they look great on! ^^

  ^^ my friend made this yum yummy dessert^^

  ^^ I have to take these to the dry cleansers...wonder if they will cut me a deal?? ^^

 ^^ tried this somewhat new Mexican spot...I had a Queso Burrito = BANGIN' and a lil margarita!! ^^

^^ I got some lovely compliments last week and I really appreciated it! ;) ^^


  1. where is this place in sandy springs?

    1. The Goodwill on Johnson Ferry Road and B&R Thrift Store on Roswell Road.

  2. Now, not only am I hungry but I totally want to go trifting! Great finds!


    1. I know!! I got hungry just posting them. thanks!! :)