Friday, August 17, 2012

pattern [mix] pt4

Another FRIDAY is here already!!
I love when an outfit is pretty much all thrifted!! I loved the colors in this shirt. These are "my colors," seems like I always gravitate towards them. Anywho, I wanted to see how mixing these patterns would work and I think it worked out pretty well. 
Your thoughts??? 

You guys have a splendid weekend ;)

Hand-Picked Items:
Shirt - Goodwill
Shorts - Goodwill
Neon Belt - Goodwill
Earrings - Goodwill
Bangle - Goodwill
  Ring - Ross
Blue Hobo Purse - Thrift Store
Nine West Wedges -
Photos by Chloey A.M


  1. I think this is a perfect mix. The shorts have a pretty mellow print so its kinda a sneaky mix lol. Love this :)

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