Saturday, September 8, 2012

denim on [tribal denim]


Sorry you guys...this past week or so has been rough on me and I just had to do some major adjusting in my priorities but I'm still here! When "real life" things are happen, you just don't feel fantastic and feel like posing for know?? I will do better though...I have to. right?

But anyways, enough of that! I'm loving these jeans I got from TJ Maxx. I want to pair it with a color or a another pattern top but I just decided to go with the good ole denim shirt so I could wear my new but vintage collar necklace! (is that what it's called?? lol) I hope you enjoy as much as I do. What's your thoughts?!?  


Hand-Picked Items:

Denim Shirt - H&M
Tribal Jeans - TJ Maxx
Vintage Collar Necklace - Gift
Tribal Earrings - Forever 21
Gold Bracelet - H&M
Bangle -Forever 21
Ring - Ross
Kenneth Cole Clutch - Goodwill
Platform Heels - Payless

Photos by me :)


  1. I love how you pair these two up!!! Surprised that you got such nice shoes at Payless!!!!

  2. Chulisimo y muy muy original el broche de la camisa!!Me encanta!!

  3. I seriously love those pants!
    Damn, We don't have a TJ Max in Canada :( I would totally get me some :(

    1. do they have a Marshall's?? They should be there!

  4. Cant go wrong with denim, those pants are great!

  5. I am so loving your jeans. How long ago did you purchase them?!?!? Do they come in plus sizes?!?!? We have a TJ Maxx here. I'm going to go in there and look for these jeans.

  6. I am so loving these pants! Do they come in plus sizes?!?!?