Friday, October 12, 2012

just in: [goodwill] hunting and found

these are just some of a few new things added to the closet within the past couple of weeks. Which is your fav?!?!?

^^ LOVE LOVE LOVE this blouse ONLY $5 at a vintage store!!
check out the overlapping texture ^^

^^ this has an overlapping texture too 
but you can't really see it^^

^^ Can't see it really but this jacket has a little shimmer in it's threading! ^^

^^ Red Blazer with GREAT shoulder pads ^^

^^ this was half off at goodwill. I like the unusual color along with it being equipped with shoulder pads, pleats at the shoulder and texture! ^^

^^ nice and simple blouse with a slight texture. I love this color. cute button detail on the back as well.^^

^^ Another great find. LOVE! Great color on this lightweight jacket^^