Tuesday, October 23, 2012

[over-sized] shirt


If you follow my've seen this over-sized shirt before but I want to actually show it in detail. I love it and when I saw it...I said "dag it's too big but I can make it work!" I found it ironic that it resembles the back of my business cards so closely! lol Roll up the sleeves a little, put on a belt and vuala! 

Hand-Picked Items:

Over-Sized Shirt - Goodwill
Levi Skinny Jeans - TJ Maxx
Belt - Goodwill
Necklaces _ Goodwill
Earrings - ASOS
Bangles - Forever 21/Momma's ole jewelry box
Purse - Ross
Booties - Payless


  1. Love Love this. I'm obsessed with anything thrifted...and this shirt is no exception. love your style and the blog. *adding to blogroll*

  2. Thanks girlie!!! You're added as well :)