Wednesday, November 28, 2012

just in: [goodwill] hunting and found pt. 2

Hey everybody!!! Oh...and hey new peeps!! I hope all is well. Just wanted to share some things I've picked up within the past month or so...
I finally got a haircut!! It's crazy how a haircut or new washed hair can make you feel like a new person. ha!

I also got a new scarf from Ross and a necklace from Forever 21 :)


This dress is so cute. I don't think the pics do it justice because there are little details the make the impact. Like, the little texture in the pattern and the shoulder detail. When I tried it on at gw I put a belt on but I'm thinking about just getting it taken in.

 When I tell you...I almost screamed when I saw this sweater. I'm still in love. 

 I also picked up this little statement necklace and as you can see it goes with a lot of things! :)


Vintage Liz Claiborne Blue Purse

During black friday, I picked up this light purple skirt for half off. It also has pockets!! 

Scooped up another graphic sweater on black friday [$3]!! I love this abstract shape and the metallic detail.

I got mixed reviews when I asked about this Vintage Liz Claiborne Dress...but I think its awesome!! Besides it was half off. I was playing dress up...but it needs an awesome belt to go along with it.

Cute little top from Ross! :)

Vintage Oxblood Skirt. It looks great on! 

Which is your fav!?!?


  1. Oh that blue silk dress is soo beautiful..sophisticated gorge.


    1. I think so too!! I can't wait to take pics for it :)