Saturday, December 29, 2012

just in: [goodwill] hunting and found pt. 4

I'm still here ya'll!! The weather has been horrible and I went home to FLA for almost a week. But in the meantime I've made some  goodwill runs!! This what I've found!

 I like the shoulder detail on this sweater but I didn't fill it out in the bust area and it had this little flab that wasn't laying down correctly.

 I scored this Urban Renewal Sweater!! They are normal sold at Urban Outfitters...but not for $5! :)

This was at the goodwill in Fl. Love it!!

I tried this on just for kicks! lol

I love this cute little necklace!! Supposedly this is originally from H&M.


This is the paisley texture of a blazer that I picked out for my mom! She's lucky it was in her size or it would have been a struggle for me to let it go.

I ALWAYS seem to stumble upon vintage Liz Claibourne items. This is yet another one! Of course, I love the texture but there's a little detail that you can hardly see on the front and back of the shoulder (bottom left photo). Kind of like a pleat. It also has buttons going down the back! 

This necklace isn't agoodwill find back it was only $8 at Ross!

My brother and my sis-in-law purchased this purse for me from Ross! 

What's your favorite piece???

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  1. SIgh...I don't even where to start. I too am a geometric shape enthusiast so I love the sweaters especially the pink one. The fur jacket is life! and I looove the second chain! It looks vintage inspired. Keep it up!