Wednesday, May 29, 2013

[tribal] dress

 Hey Ya'll!! It's sun dress season! I know you guys may be getting tired of this Cole Haan purse but this time I can truly tell you that I HAD to style it with this dress. They were truly made for one another. Can you tell I gravitate towards the same things? lol If you don't know by now, I tend to do that...a lot! I also loved the pop of neon and mint in the dress!!

 This dress came with another brother braided belt but I switched it up with my ole trusty top shop belt.

 These are my moms old earrings and I wear them quite a bit. I believe, it's the subtle details that make the impact.


Talk to me! Thoughts?

Hand-Picked Items:
Tribal Print Dress  - Forever 21
Top Shop Belt - Gift
Earrings - Momma's ole Jewelry box
Neon Cuff - Forever 21
Bangle - Belk/ Forever 21
Shades - Forever 21
Cole Haan Purse - Marshall's
Nine West "Kenie" Shoes - You can get them here and here

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

little [black] dress

 Hey hey hey!! I've gotten a new gig within the past month, 
so [YAY ME]!!! 

But this means, it's harder to find time to takes pics. It's also been crazy hot or raining a lot, so I'm going to try to make do, to the best of my ability to fit it in when I can. Honestly, I truly have my days ya'll. Those days when I just want to call it quits. It's just a lot to do myself. I will definitely keep you posted.

As for now though, I got this awesome little black dress from goodwill recently. When I tried it on I had to do some wiggling and holding my breath. The whole episode was a trip, you should have seen me...beyond ridiculous. lol After all that, I figured I needed to lose a pound or two anyways and I've always needed a "little black dress." Just for the mere fact of the cut of these shoulders. I had to do it!!

What do you guys think???

  I also had to showcase these fab earrings as well! 

What's that back there?? Hehe ;)


Hand-Picked Items:

Lloyd Williams Dress  - Goodwill
   Belt - Nearly New Thrift Store
  Earrings - Goodwill
Ring - Nearly New Thrift Store
Bangle - Belk
Shades -TJ Maxx
Cole Haan Purse - Marshall's
  Animal Print Shoes -

Saturday, May 11, 2013

[rose pink] + leopard

 Hey ya'll!! The weather has been sucky, even today it looks like it is going to rain, so I hurried and took a couple of shots. 

I've been finding some pretty good things lately, one of them was this ASOS fedora hat...I've been wearing it like I don't have any other hats to wear. 

 I went back home to FL recently and there's a spot called Country Dollar, pretty much any and everything is just a dollar, so I happened to snag this necklace and earrings, yep just for a $1 each. I also got this blouse some weeks ago for $2. The blouse and necklace match perfectly! 

 So, this outfit just came together. I feel like I need to be at Coachella. 


The most expensive thing I have on are my new shoes! I don't know if I have told you guys, but I wear a size 12 shoe, so it's kind of difficult to find cute shoes. I was browsing in the mall and saw these. I wanted them in black but they didn't have them :( They were on sale though! I left them there that day but went back to get them because I knew I wouldn't be able to find them in my size again if I didn't get them. Be prepared to see these a

  Thoughts/Opinions?!?! Talk to me :)
Hand-Picked Items:

ASOS Fedora Hat - Goodwill
Silk Rose Floral Pattern Blouse  - Goodwill
Leopard Skirt - Rag-o-rama
Pewter Belt - Estate Sale (thrifted)
  Earrings - Country Dollar
Ring - Rag-o-rama
Bangles - Forever 21/Goodwill
Kenneth Cole Clutch - Goodwill
 Nine West Shoes - Nine West Store 
but you can get them here and here