Wednesday, May 22, 2013

little [black] dress

 Hey hey hey!! I've gotten a new gig within the past month, 
so [YAY ME]!!! 

But this means, it's harder to find time to takes pics. It's also been crazy hot or raining a lot, so I'm going to try to make do, to the best of my ability to fit it in when I can. Honestly, I truly have my days ya'll. Those days when I just want to call it quits. It's just a lot to do myself. I will definitely keep you posted.

As for now though, I got this awesome little black dress from goodwill recently. When I tried it on I had to do some wiggling and holding my breath. The whole episode was a trip, you should have seen me...beyond ridiculous. lol After all that, I figured I needed to lose a pound or two anyways and I've always needed a "little black dress." Just for the mere fact of the cut of these shoulders. I had to do it!!

What do you guys think???

  I also had to showcase these fab earrings as well! 

What's that back there?? Hehe ;)


Hand-Picked Items:

Lloyd Williams Dress  - Goodwill
   Belt - Nearly New Thrift Store
  Earrings - Goodwill
Ring - Nearly New Thrift Store
Bangle - Belk
Shades -TJ Maxx
Cole Haan Purse - Marshall's
  Animal Print Shoes -

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful as always! A nice dress can motivate me as well. Congratulations on the new job!