Tuesday, July 16, 2013

[emerald] + black jumpsuit

 As you saw before, I recently got this Spiegel jumpsuit from goodwill. When I got home, I instantly thought of the outfit below because I posted it on my facebook page, possibly a week or so before!!

I wanted to keep it pretty simple and not overdo it with pops of green. If I would have gone to Beyonce's concert, I would have worn this. So, whatever concert I go to next this will probably be my choice. It's so comfy and sexy at the same time.

Talk to me/Thoughts??

Hand-Picked Items:

Cateye Shades - Forever 21
 Black Jumpsuit  - Goodwill
Belt - Goodwill
Necklace - Momma's ole jewelry box
  Green & Gold Earrings - Goodwill 
Bangles - Forever 21/Country Dollar
Ring - Forever 21
  Clutch - Goodwill
  Emerald Green Platform Heels - Payless

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