Thursday, July 11, 2013

just in: [goodwill] hunting and found pt. 7

Hey ya'll!!! I haven't done a  goodwill hunting and found in a good while. So here's a wrap up! Let me know what you think.

 I hit the jackpot with this light-weight sweater!

 Vintage Jumpsuit

 I really liked this top but it didn't fit right.


 I've added another color blazer to the roster!

  This was interesting, I didn't even realize this was a flower until I took the picture. lol This more of a light pink, it doesn't really come across in the photo though.

 LOVED the colors! I didn't get it though.

 I ended up being a personal shopper this day. Let's call it a test run :)

 This Christian Dior Blazer was way too big. I just tried it on for kicks.

On the hanger, this dress looks completely different. It literally looks like a box. Adding a belt made all the difference! I love the cut-outs :)

I finally got myself a leather skirt! It's a little big in the waist but it'll work.

 This jacket has my colors!! Too geeked :)

This Spiegel Jumpsuit!!! Thank you whoever didn't go back to the dry cleaners.

I also received a clutch from @clarmeli86 on ig 
<< THANK YOU!!! >>> her site is here

What's your favorite!?!? Talk to me

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