Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Vintage [floral] culottes

  Just this past weekend I went to another goodwill I've been to before and I got these awesome culottes! They were half-off so they were only $2/$3!
 Of course, I just love the abstract floral print and the colors.
 These are my mom's old earrings and the necklace I got from target years ago...maybe 2008. I still love it!



Do you love these or what??
Talk to me/Thoughts?? 

Hand-Picked Items:
American Apparel Tank Top - Goodwill
Vintage Floral culottes - Goodwill
Necklace - Target
Earrings - Momma's ole Jewelry Box
Purse - Target
Bangles - Goodwill/Momma's ole Jewelry Box/Forever 21 
Ring - H&M
Heels - Payless