Thursday, February 13, 2014

Redbook March 2014

Hey ya'll! Yes, it's been months...

I know it's been a while...the past few months I've still been contemplating on whether I should continue this blog or not. But in that time,in between time, I was contacted by Redbook Magazine to use my photo in their magazine. They didn't ask for an interview or anything so I knew it wasn't going to be anything of the, I just assumed that it would be just a street style feature with a little blurb about what they liked about the outfit. I really didn't want to think about too much it and drive myself crazy. (I don't like waiting...on anything lol)

I got word that it would be in the April Issue. But surprise...surprise...In the midst of working out I got a facebook notification that I was tagged in a photo. And, there it was! I'm glad my friend was on the look out because I would have been looking in the wrong issue.

I'm all-around thankful. I NEVER would have thought this could or would happen. I've just been thinking "Little ole me, out of ALL the awesome women that have blogs too??" At any rate...I won't question it. I'll take it!!

Straight from working out...I'm glad I live very close to a Target.

So, until next time? A post soon perhaps? We shall see...

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