Tuesday, October 25, 2016

black + metallic pleated [silver] skirt

The braids are gone and I'm back to black!

I wanted to show you guys this look I wore to a recent Assembly this past weekend. I hadn't realized I ordered this skirt so long ago. It's been more than a year ago...eek!

If you exactly want a reason why I hadn't worn it yet, I didn't have the right shoes until recently. Then after that, all the pieces came together, so I finally pulled it out of closet!

 Hand-Picked Items: 
Classic Black Turleneck - Forever 21 
TTYA Metallic Pleated Midi Skirt - Long Tall Sally / Similar @ Forever 21
 Natasha Statement Necklace - TJ Maxx (Years ago)
Vintage Earrings - Goodwill
Bangles - Goodwill
Las Lobas Jewelry - Gold Square Ring
Neiman Marcus Clutch - Goodwill
Reign Ankle Strap Sandles -

Thursday, October 6, 2016

besida [gigi] off shoulder dress: two ways

Yes, yet another African print. Can you tell I'm on a roll?

Well, Zuuva had a "End of the Summer Sale" I had to stop by!

I ended up leaving with this off shoulder dress from Besida

Now that Fall has arrived...and the temp isn't consistent quite yet, so I feel like this will transition well! And, of course, I love this yellow color.

It has pockets! Why is life so better with pockets?

My coworker just gave me this las lobas ring (left) today...I just thought that was so sweet. Who doesn't love gifts?!?!

Ya'll know I love anything geometric. :)

I didn't know which way I liked better so I decided to show both. Throw on a belt, some jeans, and wear it as a tunic...why not!?!

I had to let my hair down...

Ok, I know...ENOUGH! I'm done now. ;) Which way do you like better?

 Hand-Picked Items: 
Dark Lippie - ColourPop LAX 
Besida - Gigi Off Shoulder Dress
 Ripped Jeans - Ross
 Earrings - Country Dollar ($1 store in FLA)
Bangles - Goodwill/Forever 21
Las Lobas Jewelry - Gold Square Ring
Clutch - Goodwill
Yellow Sandals - Payless

Tuesday, October 4, 2016


 Hey hey hey! It's that time again...

 to tell you what I've been up to! Of course, I've been busy busy busy busy. But here's what I've worn, and what I found at Goodwill, in time in between time! 

I found this Calvin Klein dress at Goodwill...I should have gotten it for this cruise that I'm going on soon. Hmph!

I love this site called because you can customize dresses according to your size and height. The dresses you can find are hit or miss but I love these two! (above and below)

Thank you Ross for this blouse!

These are from a good ole Goodwill run...I ended up leaving with the Urban Expressions Clutch 

I got this Banana Republic dress from Goodwill and styled it with accessories I already had and these shoes from Payless.

I got this Vintage dress from Goodwill for $4. It's a little snug on these hips but hopefully I'll fit in it comfortably soon.

This hat is officially my new fav. Especially, FALL was on it's way!

 This is my blogger boo! check her out @claud_ecouture

I had a wedding to go to and I've been waiting to wear dress from ASOS! Necklace is from that estate sale and shoes from Payless.

I've had to get braids again! I needed to stop cutting my hair and of course, for the cruise.

I've also been waiting to wear this Donna Morgan dress also. I got it a good while ago from and I was going to wear it to a convention this Summer but when my cousin's Black Tie wedding invite showed up with a Great Gatsby theme, I knew this was the dress to wear!

I was headed to the Beyoncé: Formation Tour and my original outfit I was going to wear didn't work out at all. But I can always count on this good old trusty Little Black Dress from Sears. I added some metallic accessories and it all worked out.

Photo op time with my sandals I got from Payless!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

[suakoko betty] nip dress

Hola! Remember when I went to the Zuvva Pop-Up shop? African Print Patch Skirt 

Well, I mentioned that I had got my measurements taken by Suakoke Betty.

I promised to show you the result of the dress I was getting HERE IT IS!

She was actually wearing this pattern when I met her. You guys know I love to mix patterns, so I thought it was perfect.

(This isn't her...but this is an example of how hers looked)

 I knew I wanted something bright, colorful and something with geometric.

I'd say it came out pretty awesome. All I need is pockets though! 

 Hand-Picked Items: 
African Print Suakoko Betty Nip Dress - shop
Earrings - Goodwill
Ring - Goodwill
Bangles - Thrifted
Cole Haan Clutch - Marshall's
Reign Ankle Strap Sandles -

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Summer time: Instagram [happennings] & [outfits]

"Hello, it's me..." [Adele voice]
Since, my last post, I've been on a mini vacation, and of course, remaining busy with life. Summer just arrived and it has been blazin' HOT here in Atlanta A.K.A HOTLANA. I don't even want to attempt to take on the heat. Just call me lazy. But I did want to share some details on some the latest that's been going on Instagram/Snapchat @nia_hd

While I was home in Florida, I purchased this super cute swimsuit from ROSS. Of course, I got because of the color! I looks red on screen but it's really orange.

This day was a good hair day!

I also got this cute jumpsuit in the same trip as the swimsuit. I had to put the Snapchat filter with it! 

Atlanta Jazz Festival! My good friend just gave me this cute little top and these vintage Givenchy shades. Yay for presents!


 I always get compliments on this hat when I wear it. I got it from TJMAXX a good while ago. This cute top is from Goodwill and the necklace is from a dollar store in FL.

They sell this brand dress at Anthropologie and I got it from Goodwill for $6. #SCORE

I was at Alexis Suitcase Consignment shop. Stumbled upon this Jessica Simpson dress for $20. I thought it was cute but I wasn't in LOVE with it.

NEW HAT ALERT! I know I'm going to wear this hat A LOT. I guess orange is my color this Summer. :)