Saturday, April 15, 2017

[blush] + white

A couple of weeks ago I was playing around and put these pieces together. A couple of months ago, I snagged this dress for $10 at H&M. I recently got this ruffle sleeve shirt from Target. And if you follow my Instagram, you know that I just got this awesome statement necklace from Walmart.

I was like all the pieces just fell together and a lightbulb came on! So why not do a post?

Someone on my Instagram post said "I would've never thought to put these pieces together!" 

I guess that's a gift...once I really established my own style, I've always been a person to layer pieces and put a spin on things.

How do you guys approach outfits? 

I may be talking to myself but comment below! I want to hear your thoughts.


Talk to me?? What do you think?

Hand-Picked Items: 

Blush spaghetti strap dress - H&M
Ruffle Sleeve Tee -
Statement Necklace - WalMart
Bangles - Goodwill/Forever 21
 Clutch - TJMaxx
Silver Metallic  - Nine West